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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcomed, NET Friends & Family to our FAQ Page.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:

via email:
or you can always Call or Text Us: (817) 381-8287

Our Mailing Address:

NET Little Miss Kickball
PO Box 820065
North Richland Hills, TX 76082

When are practices?

Practices are scheduled at coach's discretion.  The coach will try to accommodate the availability of the players.

When are games?

  • Sidekicks (ages 4-6) play on Thursdays and some Saturdays.
  • PeeWees (ages 6-8), Juniors (ages 9-11), Seniors (ages 12-14) & Teens (ages 15-18) may have games on Mondays, Fridays, or Saturdays.

Once registration is complete and we know how many teams we have, the game schedule will be generated and distributed.

What equipment does my daughter need?

There is actually no equipment "required" for kickball; however, your coach may request a specific color of shorts.

Please Note: Cleats are recommended, but not required.  Softball and soccer cleats work best.  No metal cleats are allowed.

What are the ages/divisions?

Your daughter's division is based on her age on August 31st of the playing year.  

Example:  If Sally is 7 as of August 31, 2017, then she will be a PeeWee.

  • Sidekicks ages 4-6
  • PeeWees ages 6-8
  • Juniors ages 9-11
  • Seniors ages 12-14
  • Teens ages 15-18

When is my registration payment due?

Registration fees MUST be paid in full by the first game or your child will not be able to participate in the game.

How are teams assigned and when do we find out which team we are on?

If your daughter played for a team last year and is not moving to a new age group and did not request to go back into the draft, then your daughter will remain on her same team as long as at least 3 players return to that team.  If at least 3 girls do not return to the team, the team is dissolved and the players are put into the draft.

If your daughter is:

  • Not returning to her same team in the same division,
  • Was returning to a team that was dissolved,
  • A new player,
  • Moving up to a new age group / division,
  • In either Junior, Senior or Teen division,

she will be placed in the draft.  It is not always possible to accommodate requests made by players, but we try.

Sisters are always on the same team within the same division unless they request otherwise.

Sidekicks & PeeWees that are new players or requested to be in the draft will be assigned by the player agent.

All players will be notified of their team by end of the day on February 28.  If you have not heard from your coach by February 29, please contact Robin Hawkins at or 817-320-7577.

How do I Pay for the Registration Fee?

There are several options for payment:

  • You can pay online at by logging in to your account and going to your dashboard.
  • You can pay your Team Mom or Coach (once teams are assigned).
  • You can pay a Board Member at the fields (a Board Member will be at the field at all times in a fluorescent shirt with BOARD MEMBER written on the back).
  •  You can mail a check or money order to:

NET Little Miss Kickball
PO Box 820065
North Richland Hills, TX 76082

Please Note: If you need to pay via credit card at the fields, please contact Jill Hiatt at 817-726-3286 or to make arrangements.

Are volunteers needed?


We are always in need of volunteers!  Some ways you can volunteer are:

  • Team Mom/Team Dad - the coordinator to help streamline the communication between the League and the parents
  • Coach or Assistant Coach - don't worry, we will help you!
  • Field maintenance - help the Field Directors with field upkeep.
  • Umpires - we always need umpires (oh, and the Little Miss Kickball Corporate Rules Director for the Northern region will be coming up from Austin for an on-site rules clinic we encourage everyone to come whether you plan to volunteer for anything or not.  Understanding the game/rules makes being a fan/spectator much more enjoyable) .
  • Scorekeepers and scoreboard operators - Clinics will be announce via email as the season approaches.
  • Overall volunteer - sometimes we just need someone to help us pass things out or carry a base to the equipment box... 

There is something for everyone!  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at or (817) 831-8287.

Why are we required to have sponsors?

NET Little Miss Kickball likes to promote our local businesses! 

A great way for that to happen is on the backs of our jerseys, our field fences, and our website.  Each team is required to have a sponsor, so if you know any local business who may want to sponsor, please go:

Please Note: The first team sponsorship is paid to the League 100% to help offset costs of insurance, City fees, field maintenance, chalk, uniforms, etc. Teams with more than one sponsor will receive 75% of each additional sponsorship for team use (purchasing matching shorts, socks, team parties, etc.).

Are we required to participate in the fundraisers?

Yes and No. 

Each player is required to participate, but we provide a "Buyout" option.  Players can choose the fundraisers or the "$25.00 Buyout" option. 

  • The Buyout Option is available at the time of registration 
  • or on our ONLINE STORE under "NET Fundraiser Options" section.

Please Note: If you choose to participate in the fundraisers, you will receive further information once the season begins.

Can I buy Spirit Wear?


Spirit Wear will be the same color and design as the player uniforms on your team, but will not have the sponsor information on the backs of the shirts.  

You can purchase:

Please Note: Payment must be made when the order placed or the merchandise will not be placed.

Where can I buy a kickball?

The kickballs we use are exclusively made for Little Miss Kickball and cannot be found them in any department stores.

To purchase an Official Little Miss Kickball - Game Kickball ($10.00 each):

  • You can purchase on our ONLINE STORE 
  • or you can purchase them from us at the fields; just tell your coach, Team Mom or find one of the Board of Directors (fluorescent yellow shirts) at the fields and we will hook you up.

Where can I buy a rule book?

Rule books can be purchased ($5.00 each):

  • You can purchase on our ONLINE STORE 
  • or you can purchase them from us at the fields; just tell your coach, Team Mom or find one of the Board of Directors (fluorescent yellow shirts) at the fields and we will hook you up.

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